For the design competition related enquiries, please contact: +91-9983051103

Submission deadline: 31 th May 2024

Gala Night: Saturday, 6 th July 2024

Spark a Design Revolution with Dynamic New Award Categories!

Experience the thrill of luxury and design at JEA'24 – the premier destination for jewellery design excellence. JEA’24 transcends borders, honoring creativity and craftsmanship while embracing the dynamic pulse of international trends. This year, we're proud to introduce four exciting new award categories, adding even more sparkle to our prestigious Jewellery Eminence Awards.

JEA Retailers Award

Recognizing exceptional retailers who elevate the jewellery-buying experience with outstanding service and exquisite collections.

JEA Lifetime Achievement Award

Honoring industry legends for their lasting contributions and unwavering commitment to excellence.

JEA Jewellers Awards

Celebrating excellence in luxury jewellery, JEA recognizes the exceptional jewellers who redefine jewellery craftsmanship with their craft.

GIA Young Achiever's Award

Celebrating the next generation of jewellery designers, showcasing their talent and creativity.

JEA Professional of the Year

Like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, this award honors an individual whose expertise and creativity propel the industry forward, setting new standards of excellence.

JEA Artisans Award

Paying tribute to the skilled artisans whose craftsmanship brings jewellery to life with unparalleled beauty and artistry.

Jewellery Eminence Awards

Since its inception in 2020, JEA has emerged as a prestigious platform, attracting participation from leading jewellery design houses and brands. With transparent evaluation processes and a dedication to integrity, JEA has become synonymous with excellence in the Indian jewellery industry.

Jewellery Eminence Awards beckons Numero Uno of Jewellery Design Industry! Are you ready to showcase your creativity and join the ranks of visionaries? Whether you're a seasoned designer or an emerging talent, we invite you to be part of this design revolution. Participate now and let your creativity shine at JEA’24!

Who Can Participate?

Jewellery designers, manufacturers, retailers, and design professionals from across the country are invited to showcase their creativity and talent. Whether you're an established jewellery house, a seasoned industry professional, or an emerging talent, Jewellery Eminence Awards (JEA) welcomes all visionaries to join us in celebrating excellence in the world of jewellery design.

Do you believe your creations deserve recognition? Here's your golden opportunity to showcase your talent and earn admiration from industry experts and luxury enthusiasts across international borders. Participate and let your creativity shine at JEA!

Entries Submission Fees for Jewellers Category

  • 1 Entry- ₹ 5,000 + GST
  • 2 Entries - ₹ 7500 + GST
  • 3 Entries - ₹ 9000 + GST
  • More than 3 Entries - ₹ 2500 each + GST

Entries Submission Fees for Professionals

  • 1 Entry- ₹ 1,000 + GST